Re-collaboration with “Vallen” German well-known manufacturer of Acoustic Emission testing (AE) instruments


Along with lifting the sanctions and Vallen’s announcement of readiness, after 10 years of interruption, IRAN-NDT re-started its activities as official representative of Vallen in Sales, Education, Service and Calibration of Acoustic Emission’s modern instruments. During a meeting between managers of two companies in Munich, both sides announced their agreement on re-starting common activities along with holding periodic educational workshops and applied seminars.

New generation of Vallen’s devices (ASMY-6) and its advanced software packages which have recently been presented  n WCNDT(Munich) and ASNT’s annual conference (CA, USA) will be released in IRAN. soon.

Nowadays, AE plays an important role in periodic inspection and Condition Monitoring process in different industries especially in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical & Power plants as well as  Pipe lines. Unfortunately, due to sanctions our country’s industries have been deprived of utilizing these new advanced technologies. Hope to compensate these backwardness in all these fields with attempts and cooperation of our country’s experts.