ASTM centrifuge tube

… to determine the content of solid particles in the inspection medium for Magnetic Particle Examination, preferably in case of fresh suspensions..

Article no.: 6901.001
Article no.: 9804.001



Spray bottle

… re-usable pump spray bottle for convenient and environment-friendly spraying-on of the testing agent.

By a few pumping movements before use, the entire contents can be sprayed. Therefore, spraying becomes much easier and protects the environment.

Size of bottle: 310 x 120 mm ø
Size of handle to jet: 210 mm
Weight (unfilled): 460 g
Max. volume: approx. 1 l
Max. pressure: 3 bar

Article no.: 6303.001


Accessories for the Field Strength Meter DEUTROMETER 3873

Reference for the Field Strength Meter and shielded chamber for suppression of external interference fields


Residual Field Indicator 3821
Measure remanent magnetism in components


ESV Demagnetizing Coils

For demagnetizing of magnetized parts outside of DEUTROFLUX magnetic particle benches. Suitable conveyor belts support automated, continuous testing processes.