ECHOTRACE – Couplant for Manual Ultrasonic Testing

The couplant is a fragrant gel based on water, and better than oil, grease, or water: It achieves excellent coupling, does not soil, and is free from sulphur, halogen and phosphor; it contains a corrosion inhibitor, is non-irritant and non-flammable. Temperature range: 0 °C through +80 °C

Order numbers:

  • Tube 0.1 l: 9000.004
  • Bottle 0.5 l: 9000.003
  • Bucket 3 l: 9000.001
  • Cubitainer 5 l: 9000.002
  • Barrel 200 l: 9000.006


ECHOTRACE – High Temperature Couplant for Manual Ultrasonic Testing

This high-temperature resistive grease is based on silicon oil and allows measurements on components with surface temperatures between -40 °C and +290 °C.

Order number:

  • Tube 100 g: 9000.005


ECHOFLUID – Couplant for Manual Ultrasonic Testing

ECHOFLUID is an odourless liquid with a viscosity similar to water or oil, but grants better coupling than other liquids. ECHOFLUID is recommended for higher frequencies and wall thickness measurement. It is completely removable, an excellent corrosion inhibitor and non-irritating to skin.

Order numbers:

  • Bottle 0.1 l: 9004.001
  • Bottle 1 l: 9004.002
  • Can 10 l: 9004.003
  • Barrel 200 l: 9004.005

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