Flaw Detection


Single Frequency Eddy Current NDT Flaw Detector


ETher NDE is proud to be launching the AeroCheck ET Flaw Detector for non destructive testing (NDT). Designed for NDE on Aerospace specific applications, the AeroCheck offers the very best in Eddy Current performance in a compact, rugged and lightweight package.


Dual Frequency Eddy Current NDT Flaw Detector


The AeroCheck+ is the follow on Eddy Current (EC) Flaw Detector from the AeroCheck. The AeroCheck+ offers the same features as the AeroCheck, including Rotary Capabilities as standard, but in addition offers Dual Frequency with Auto-mix and Conductivity Measurement as well as an outstanding Frequency Range from 20Hz to 20MHz.


Eddy Current NDT Flaw Detector


The WeldCheck Eddy Current (ECT) Flaw Detector from ETher NDE appeals to users within a wide range of industries including Offshore and Rope Access non destructive testing (NDT) applications.

ETi 200

Advanced Eddy Current Flaw Detector

eti-200web3The ETi-200 is an advanced Eddy Current Flaw Detector from ETher NDE. The ETi-200 is designed to offer advanced multi-frequency and multi-channel flaw detection housed in the smallest portable EC package on the market.

ViCTor 2.2D

Eddy Current Flaw Detector For Automated Inspections


ETher NDE introduces the ViCTor 2.2D, the user-friendly automated eddy current inspection system, designed with the Automation Engineer in mind.

Echo 3D

Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) Inspection Equipment

echo-3d-1ETher NDE is pleased to introduce ECHO-3D, the newest technology for the detection of surface breaking defects and crack depth measurements from Athena Industrial.

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