Since the establishment IRAN NDT Academia was a leading provider of Seminars and Training courses in major NDT methods and applications for different industrial sectors. Our training courses mainly based on ASNT Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A on Level 1 & 2.


Also in cases the courses are outlined on the base of ISO 9712 or Customers’ required specification. So far more than 1000 applicants trained and certified as Level 1 & 2 in our Academia. Our certificates are well-known for Iranian users and all industries accepting them by very high confidence.


IRAN NDT also had trained and prepared Level lII candidates by holding Refresh courses or by providing consulting services. More than 30 individuals of ASNT Level III holders have been trained in our Academia.


WE also cooperate with other organizations like IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), AEOI (Atomic Energy Organization), Iranian Foundries Society, IWREC (Iranian Welding Research Engineering Center)


We have published the first Ultrasonic , Eddy Current  and Liquid Penetrant Testing books and training guides in Farsi in decade 1360 , all are well-known easy to understand books for all NDT operators.


Our Academia has a very rich NDT Questions bank since 30 years that are created and modified on regularly on the base of Psychometric science and techniques.


IRAN NDT Academia is also providing seminars and courses for university graduate students by their demand. In the past we had organized Seminars and courses for different Technical Universities like: Sharif Industrial University, Iranian University of Science & Technology (IUST), Toosi University.