Phased Array & TOFD

Portable phased array testing instrument

GEKKO is the first phased array system able to drive matrix arrays and real-time custom Total Focusing Methods (TFM). GEKKO also handles most UT inspection techniques, and benefits from the latest CIVA features natively implemented


Portable phased array module (multiplexed channel control)
Multi2000 Pocket

Co-developed with Airbus Group (ex- EADS Innovation Works), the highly portable pocket systems are available in 8×32 and 16×64 configurations.


Portable phased array module (parallel channel control)
MultiX Pocket

The MultiX Pocket is based on 32-channel board architecture. Ideal for field applications. Comes in 32- and 64-channel versions


phased array testing electronics (multiplexed channel control)

The Multi2000 modular electronic architecture is based on 8×32 multiplexed boards (maximum number of active channels x total number of channels). The multiplexed channels are connected to a motherboard for summation of the individual channels. This electronic architecture allows a great flexibility for the channel combination, associated with a real time focal laws update..

The image shows a test electronic with the capability to connect up to 128 phased array elements and to activate a maximum of 32 elements per shot (virtual probe). Two Hypertronix and 8 LEMO connectors are provided for phased array and / or mono-element probes.


Phased array testing electronics (parallel channel control)

The test electronics is based on 32-channel boards. Each board provides transmission, reception, digitizing and processing of channels. The module also contains a mother board where the final sum, processing and dialog with the host PC takes place.

The example image shows a test electronic with 256 parallel phased array channels for highest performance and test speed. Four Hypertronix and eight LEMO connectors are provided for phased array and/or mono-element probes.


Multi 2000 – software with CIVA Modelling of a phased array probe and of the object to be tested using a CIVA software module

Data processing

This most versatile software for data processing provides many configurations for the phased array ultrasonic testing. The “Focal Law” calculations are based on the CIVA software. The software controls all ultrasonic and data acquisition parameters. It runs on standard computers or laptops in accordance with the requirements of the user. Software and hardware can be controlled remotely via Ethernet (TCP / IP).

A special feature of the CIVA software is provided by the intuitive setup of probe and test object parameters (e.g. definition of the probe position relative to the test object). The sound fields as results of “Focal Law” calculations can be visualized and thus allow for a plausibility check. By simulation the ultrasonic parameters (number of elements, pitch, sound frequency, bandwidth, degree of focus, etc) can be optimized before the corresponding probes are manufactured.


EchoView Strip chart representation of the test data separated for different testing tasks (ultrasound data plot versus part length). Either the ultrasound amplitude is plotted, or a colour bar indication with green sections (i.e. w/o flaws) and red sections (i.e. flaw detected).

Data administration
The EchoView data administration software further processes the test parameters and the test data. It also links several phased array electronic modules and collects the test data from all modules.

This KARL DEUTSCH software package is designed for an industrial PC under a Windows operating system to cater the customer-specific requirements (defect table, strip chart representation, data storage). The communication with a remote host computer is possible (option).


Everything from one source
Phased array probes

Most applications use phased array probes from the own production of KARL DEUTSCH.

The image shows an example of linear phased array probes (32 elements, 4 MHz) with Hypertronix connector.