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Vallen Systeme offers a number of extremely robust preamplifiers perfectly suited for use with the AMSY-6 system. Bandwidth and performance can be selected to match the test requirements. Their consequent design with matching 50 Ohm impedance and their low noise input stage make them unique on the market. Only selected components and materials are used to ensure reliable operation even under difficult operating conditions.


The AEP5(H) is a general purpose preamplifier supporting single ended sensors. This preamplifier is a wide-band preamplifier available in two different bandwidth settings (AEP5 and AEP5H):

  • Gain can be set to 34 dB or 40 dB
  • AEP5:     2.5 kHz to 2.4 MHz (10 Vpp)
  • AEP5H:  20 kHz to 2.4 MHz (10 Vpp)
  • AEP5(H) can put a voltage pulse (up to 450 Vpp) through to the AE-sensor (sensor coupling test)

Magnetic holders are mounted directly to the housing, alternatively a holding plate with four magnets can be used for more stability


Preamplifiers based on electronic design of AEP4H. The preamplifier housing is adapted in order to hold an AE-sensor (integrated sensor) and it is equipped with three strong magnets. Because of the integrated design, AE-signal amplitudes are higher compared to standard combination of AE-sensor connected to AEP4 preamplifier over 1.2 m long sensor cable.The strong magnets allow easy installation and guarantee constant contact pressure throughout the test.The AEP4H-ISTB is suitable for sensors with V- type housing. It is commonly used in tank floor inspection applications.


Amplification of an AEP3N can be selected in the range from 34 to 49 dB via software when used with an AMSY-5 or AMSY-6. In standalone usage gain is set by jumpers. Exchangeable frequency filter modules allow for the use without steep downstream frequency filters. AEP3N provides two inputs, one with the common single-ended BNC connector and the other with a differential BNO connector.


Further Information

Accessories and Verification Equipment

Our accessories help you carry out your AE-tests or measurements conveniently and reliable. Additionally we offer equipment for AMSY-6 system verification consisting of a sensor tester – and a chassis and signal processor verification module.




Our accessories help you carry out your AE-tests or measurements conveniently and reliable by e.g. using our magnet holders for sensors, or cables according to our specifications. PC and laptop, required for operation of an AMSY-6 chassis, are also part of our accessories.

Hence Vallen Systeme can act as your sole source supplier for complete AE-measurement systems.


Further Information

Verification Equipment

System verification checks and verifies that AE equipment works according to specifications. AMSY-6 chassis functionality, ASIP-2 boards and sensors as well as preamplifiers can be verified.
EN 13477-2 demands that an operator is able to carry out system verification. Hence Vallen Systeme offers a software tool, SysVeri, for a semi-automated verification of AMSY-6 chassis with ASIP-2 boards. The separate Vallen Sensor Tester tool is for verification of acoustic emission sensors. Additional hardware, most importantly an arbitrary function generator, is required for verification.
System verification shall be carried out in regular intervals and whenever changes were made to the system or when it has been exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

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