RayScan 100 – The Compact System

for radioscopy and 3D CT of small and large test pieces; if short testing times are required


RayScan 150 – The Laboratory System for Micro and Sub-Micro CT

highest resolution for small and very small parts


RayScan 200 – Multi Purpose System

precise 3D CT for a wide range of parts


RayScan 200 XE – The XXL Multi Purpose System

precise 3D CT for a very wide range of parts, highest accuracy for very large objects by ROI CT


RayScan 250 – 3D CT with Two X-Ray Sources

from micro components up to large, thick-walled metal parts, additional 3D ROI-CT

RayScan 600 – The Powerful System

3D CT and 2D CT for large and thick-walled objects


RayScan Nano®

3D CT for material studies with details in 100 nm range


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